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Tyler Andor

About me

I'm a Colorado Springs based Software Engineer for Red Hat. I'm also a philosopher. This is my personal website, so of course any opinions expressed here should be taken as mine alone.

This website

What I write and share here comes from a wide range of interests. I often have ideas, tools, and tips that will interest engineers and developers. Some will be useful to anyone.

In addition to my current professional interests, I also publish content, albeit less frequently, on my ongoing research interests in philosophy. I was a university professor for many years before transitioning to tech, and continue to do research in several areas (see below).

Also, expect some randomness in what I find interesting and worth sharing.

Research interests

  • Philosophy of science
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Ordinary language philosophy
  • Natural language processing
  • Linguistics and general semantics
  • Category theory
  • Logic and philosophy of mathematics
  • Mythology and storytelling
  • Fantasy and science fiction literature
  • Poetry and poetics

Design notes

My logo - ∧∨ - is a symbolic form of my last name. It combines two of the symbols used in formal logic for conjunction (and) and disjunction (or).

This site is built with Next/React and Tailwind, with some functionality borrowed from Timothy. The theme is based on my favorite colorscheme for editing code, Rose Pine.